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General Nickeline Information : Chemical Formula: NiAs : Composition: Molecular Weight = 133.61 gm Nickel 43.93 % Ni Arsenic 56.07 % As _____ 100.00 % : Empirical Formula: NiAs : Environment: In ore veins with silver, copper, and nickel arsenides and sulfides. IMA Status: Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1832 : Locality: Cobalt, Ontario.

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Annabergite is isostructural with erythrite; both minerals are hydrous arsenates and differ only according to whether they contain cobalt or nickel. Annabergite is a secondary mineral derived from nickel arsenides such as niccolite (NiAs). Nickel, like cobalt, is a chromophore: due to its presence, annabergite is light green in color.

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Copper Nickel Arsenides Mohawk, Mi - minsocamorg. Copper nickel arsenides collected from a large fissure at the Mohawk No 2 mine, Mohawk, Keweenaw Co, Michigan were investigated by powder diffractometry and electron probe analysis These materials correspond to the "keweenawite" and "mohawkite" of Koenig and the "ledouxite" of Richards The ...

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of copper in the nickel arsenides and nickel in the copper arsenides. AII examples encoun-tered in the Mohawk disequilibrium assemblage appear to involve essentially no (Cu,Ni) solid solubility among the binary arsenide compounds. There is strong evidence that the nickel arsenides …


Nickel is sometimes found free in nature but is more commonly found in ores. The bulk of mined nickel comes from laterite and magmatic sulfide ores. The name originates from the German word kupfernickel, which means "false copper" from the illusory copper color of the ore.

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Nickeline has somewhat of an identity crisis. It is alternatively known as niccolite (mostly in Europe). Reference books often use Nickeline (Niccolite) or Niccolite (Nickeline) as a heading. The growing trend and "official" name is nickeline as is used here. Its first name was the German term "Kupfer nickel" or copper nickel. It sounds like ...

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Sealed silica tube studies in the system Cu-Ni-As at 510±5°C show negligible solubility of copper in the nickel arsenides and nickel in the copper arsenides. All examples encountered in the Mohawk disequilibrium assemblage appear to involve essentially no (Cu,Ni) solid solubility among the binary arsenide compounds.

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Sep 06, 2019· This is then reduced with carbon to obtain nickel metal. The nickel is purified by combining carbon monoxide with impure nickel at 50°C and atmospheric pressure, or from the mixture of nickel and copper, under more complex conditions, obtaining Ni(CO) 4, which is volatile. By thermal decomposition at 200°C, pure nickel is recovered at high ...


experimental investigation of the thermochemical reduction of arsenite and sulfate: low temperature hydrothermal copper, nickel, and cobalt arsenide and sulfide ore formation

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Nickel is ferromagnetic and is a fair conductor of heat and electricity. Most nickel compounds are blue or green. Uses of Nickel. The majority of nickel is used in corrosion-resistant alloys, such as stainless steel. Tubing made from a copper-nickel alloy is used in desalination plants.

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Dr. Huojin Chan, (University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, Anhui, China) Nanoshel nanoalloys with well-defined, controllable properties and structures on the nanometer scale coupled with the flexibility afforded by intermetallic materials has generated interest in bimetallic and trimetallic nanoclusters, which will be referred to as alloy nanoclusters or nanoalloys.

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Nickel is the commoner of the two, and is met with in commerce alloyed with copper and zinc as German silver; as also in the coinage of the United States and on the Continent. It is used for plating polished iron and steel goods, forming a coating little liable to rust and taking a good polish. The ores of nickel are not very common.

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,aq) using foils of copper, nickel, or cobalt as the reductant, at temperatures of 150ºC to 300ºC. At the highest temperature of 300°C, very limited sulfate reduction was observed with cobalt foil, but sulfate was reduced to sulfide by copper foil (precipitation of Cu 2 S (chalcocite)) and partly reduced by nickel foil (precipitation of NiS 2

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Nickel Deposits of North America By H. R. CORNWALL GEOLOGICAL SURVEY BULLETIN 1223 Geology, resources, and reserves of ... Nickel-copper reserves of Lynn Lake, 195L_____ 18 ... (together with arsenides of nickel, cobalt, and copper) occur in hydrothermal veins, has been found in both Canada and the United States, but these deposits are

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The arsenides of the transition metals are mainly of interest because they contaminate sulfidic ores of commercial interest. The extraction of the metals – nickel, iron, cobalt, copper – entails chemical processes such as smelting that poses environmental risks. In the mineral, arsenic is immobile and poses no environmental risk.

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Most of the native copper also carried a small amount (less than 0.5 percent) of arsenic and silver (Broderick, 1929). Copper nickel arsenides are also present occurring in veins in a flow top near Mohawk, the type locality for Mohawkite (now referred to as Domeykite) (Stoiber and Davidson, 1959).

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Platinum group minerals are closely associated with nickel arsenides in copper-nickel sulfide bearing Duluth gabbro. To improve their flotation recoveries, the flotation behavior of nickel arsenide was investigated. Nickel arsenide floated well with xanthate and mercaptan.

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TOUGHMET ® 3 HIGH-STRENGTH, COPPER NICKEL TIN ALLOYS. The properties of Materion's high-strength, spinodally-hardened ToughMet copper nickel tin alloys provide many advantages in demanding end-use applications ranging from aerospace sleeve and spherical bearings industrial bearings, wear plates and transmission thrust washers.

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In the copper-nickel-iron sulfide mines of Canada, Australia, Russia, and other regions, cobalt is present in place of nickel in many minerals. Cobalt arsenides, such as smaltite, safflorite, and skutterudite, with the sulfoarsenide cobaltite and the arsenate erythrite, are mined in Morocco and on a much smaller scale in many other countries ...

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Nickeline or niccolite is a mineral consisting of nickel arsenide (NiAs) containing 43.9% nickel and 56.1% arsenic.. Small quantities of sulfur, iron and cobalt are usually present, and sometimes the arsenic is largely replaced by antimony.This last forms an isomorphous series with breithauptite (nickel …

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The addition of exact amounts of phosphorous to copper anode materials and exact amounts of sulfur to nickel anode materials enable users to: Increase anode lifetime without sacing quality or throughput; Maintain predictable and stable electrode position rates; Lower the plating process' cost of ownership

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Cobalt—Styles of Deposits and the Search for Primary Deposits. ... primary cobalt production is from magmatic nickel-copper and nickel laterite deposits. Cobalt is present in several carbonate-hosted lead-zinc and copper districts. It is also variably present in Besshi-type volcanogenic massive sulfide and siliciclastic ... Arsenides: o ...

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The study of mineral associations showed that the Černý Důl hydrothermal system extended over a large temperature interval from ∼500° to 100°C. An extremely high arsenic activity during the late mineralization periods lead to the precipitation of low-temperature, As-rich copper arsenides.